Grand Lake Fireworks 2012 is on and kickin’!  We’ve got a bunch going on, so here is the update..

Our great friends, Long John & Edie Sumner, are putting on Long John’s Big Meat Run 2012 on March 16 & 17 in Disney.  This is an awesome yearly event with rock crawlers coming from all over the south central US to crawl around below Pensacola Dam.

If you’ve never been a part of this event, your missing out.  It is truly AWESOME!

Anyway, Grand Lake Fireworks will be having our first big fundraiser of 2012 during the Big Meat Run with a breakfast and BBQ at Disney City Hall!

Now, about that ipad…

We are raffling off an ipad (might even be an ipad2!)!

Tickets are $10, or 2 for $15.  As usual, all proceeds go to support Grand Lake’s BEST FIREWORKS SHOW!

We will be out all over South Grand Lake selling raffle tickets, so chances are pretty good we’ll catch you.  But, if we don’t, raffle tickets are also for sale at First State Bank in Ketchum and Disney!  And, coming to additional businesses soon…we’ll keep you updated.

When we meet our financial goal this year, we plan to add so events to our festive day for kids in and around Disney.  Make sure to stay tuned for more info on these exciting developments.