How about that Grand Lake Holiday season kick-off last Saturday Night at Cedar Port marina!!

Awesome stuff, Steve Hayes and whoever else may have contributed to that show.  We all Thank You!  Those smiley face fireworks had everyone talking Saturday Night and Sunday.

Now, we are on to the main event…the July 4th Weekend at Grand Lake!

Grand Lake Fireworks!

Grand Lake Fireworks!

Our Spectacular 2011 Grand Lake Fireworks show kicks off Saturday Night at appx 9:30-9:45.  We promise it will be the best yet and accessible to so many people throughout the South Grand Lake area via either by boat…with so much open area to watch…or by land at the State Park by the spillways or anywhere along the shore along in the South Grand Lake area.

Then Sunday night, to top off you holiday weekend, don’t forget our friends over in Duck Creek with their great fireworks show.

All in all, so much to see and do this holiday weekend.

But, please remember and don’t ever forget, to be very, very, very careful out there this weekend.  You will undoubtedly have everything under control, but look out for the other guy!

See you Saturday Night!