Hey Everybody!

First, thanks for the great turnout at Long John’s Big Meat Run and the support of all who attended.  John & Edie Sumner did a great job with the event, and the BBQ fundraiser was a great success for the 2011 Fireworks!

This is the 3rd year of our great event, and we are looking to make it bigger and better than ever.  As you know, we rely solely on you to help us provide a spectacular show for all the people celebrating the July 4th holiday on and around Grand Lake.  Through fundraisers and donations, we all make it happen!

This Friday, April 1st, Grand Lake Fireworks will be at Reasor’s in Langley selling Grand Lake 2011 Calendars.  We hope you stop by, say Hi, and make a donation to receive a beautiful Grand Lake calendar featuring the photography of Paula Silzer.  This calendar is filled with awesome Grand Lake photographs!

Then, on Saturday, April 2nd, we will be at the Langley Farmers Market selling coupon books from Reasor’s.  The way it works is you buy a coupon book for $5, use all the coupons, then send the last page of the book in to Reasor’s and they give YOU back $5! All proceeds from the sale of these books benefit Grand Lake Fireworks, but you actually get all your money back.  Now that’s a win-win!  These coupons are good until July, and have a total value of $50.00.

Spring is upon us here at Grand Lake, so we can’t wait to see you out and about.  And, our 3rd annual show is only 3 months away!

We are accepting donations through our web site: www.grandlakefireworks.com through Pay Pal.  You can also mail your donations to Grand Lake Fireworks, Box 643, Disney, OK. 74340