11th annual Long John’s Big Meat Run will be held March 11th 12 th & 13th at Disney. Ok. This run was started by owner of Sumner Machine Works, John & Edie Sumner, of Arkansas City, KS. SMW is a fab shop that specializes in custom hardcore 4×4 parts,visit www.sumnermachine.com for a full view of products & services.
This years run is expected to draw huge attendance as well as spectators.  This is a free event and all tire sizes are welcome.  Look for mild to wild, we are starting to see several competition buggies at BMR in the past couple years, these are worth the drive to see them in action. The Town of Disney is also showing their appreciation by welcoming the 4-wheeling families and clubs to their town with a variety of events planned.

Grand Lake Fireworks Inc. is having their BBQ and silent auction on March 11th starting at 2:00 pm.  We will be having our silent auction, and this year some items will go up for auction by our 4-wheeling friends.  We invite all fans and 4-wheeling families to come up and check out our auction and eat BBQ.  Disney is happy to welcome all fans and families in our town. We want you to enjoy your event!

Grand Lake Fireworks Inc. is a NOT FOR PROFIT Corporation. All our proceeds with go towards fireworks for our upcoming event July 2nd.