Everyone associated with Grand Lake Fireworks would like to take a moment and offer a sincere Thank You to the Grand River Dam Authority.

GRDA makes it possible for all of the fun we all have on and around Grand Lake.  And, you know what, they are not in business to babysit all of us lake users, but that is exactly what they do.  And, whether you realize it or not, all of us that use and enjoy Grand Lake need a little baby sitting!

This is a tremendous playground those of us lucky enough to live here have in our backyard and it is GRDA that makes it all possible.  They provide the patrols, rules and safety that we all need to ensure that our time on the lake is as safe and fun as possible.  And when one of us lake users screws up or has a problem out on the water, who is there to help?  That’s right, it’s GRDA.

So, again, from all of us associated with Grand Lake Fireworks, THANK YOU to GRDA for providing the safe and fun boating and lake environment that we have all taken for granted!